You’ve Got To See These Innovative VR Tour Companies for Real Estate

You’ve Got To See These Innovative VR Tour Companies for Real Estate

Having a VR tour of your future home seems like something that you might be a bit uneasy about. Isn’t it much better to head to the house and check everything out in person? Well, in today’s world of disruption innovation, that’s no longer the case. More and more real estate companies have taken on the world of VR tours as a way to increase the number of home viewers and help to increase sales. Keep reading down below to learn about the top innovative virtual tour real estate companies.




An open house is definitely one of the most innovative and forward-thinking real estate companies in the world. They saw the innovation happening over the horizon and made the decision to take hold of it. Virtual tour software with staging in mind is a new way towards the journey of VR that Openhouse has decided to take on clients who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on staging costs.

The realtor takes photos of the rooms that need to be staged virtually and will send them over to Openhouse. The photos that were sent over will be filled virtually with various pieces of staging furniture by Openhouse and will then be sent right over to the realtor. And before you know it, there’s a VR tour!  


Real Tour Vision or RTV


When a realtor works with RTV, this is going to seriously help them get the word out about their virtual tours and the open house that they’re trying to sell. And this is the main goal of every realtor – they want to get the listing in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

The great thing about RTV is the fact that anybody anywhere in the world can actually interact with the house that they might be buying. For example, if a couple in Michigan wants to check out a house in South Carolina where they are moving – they can easily do it with the technology provided by RTV.  




Imaginahome is the next innovative real estate company on our VR list and they sure do deserve to be here. In the past decade, drone technology has become one of the more prominent technologies that have started being used in the real estate business. The usage of drone technology by this company has paved the way for realtors to show properties in new and exciting ways and for potential buyers to check out the house from a new perspective.

In addition to the usage of drone technology, Imaginahome does great 3D immersive tours of homes. The virtual tour gives potential buyers the chance to look around a home from anywhere in the world before they come in and see the actual space with their physical eyes.




One of the most innovative companies in the real estate market is Houssmax, which has pioneered the usage of virtual tours and a whole host of other features to help streamline the viewing experience. Agent narration is brought on board as a great feature when clients are viewing the house from the comfort of their current home. This makes the viewing process so much more special and helpful.

With Houssmax, there are so many other features that are useful for both realtors and potential buyers. There are features like property information, an open house schedule, using drone technology for a bird’s eye view, and a feature sheet to be used by viewers.  




Even though VR technology is something pretty new on the real estate market, there already needs to be more innovation. That’s because more and more real estate companies are using the same technology to create the same types of virtual tours for clients. This next company offers full motion video instructions into virtual tours in order to create this kind of innovation. This means that tours can now be personalized for each client, rather than being the same for every single client.

In addition to that major innovation in the field, BlueLaVaMedia helps clients create flyers with QR codes. This means that real estate managers are going to be able to reach more customers than ever before with this technology.

When it comes to the real estate industry, innovation is something that doesn’t come easily. Tons of real estate companies don’t know how to move the industry forward into the future with the new technologies like VR that we have today. However, these example companies are really changing how the industry works in regards to virtual tours and so many other technologies of the future.