What is an ultrabook?

What is an ultrabook?

Ultrabooks are the fresh breed of portable computers. They’re slim, sleek, light, and fast, that is why many, including the creators, say they soon will become very popular than the “regular” laptops.  The speed with them is great, and you will enjoy every minute you work on ultrabooks. So what are you waiting for? Just go and get one for yourself today.


Ultrabooks and Laptops –definitions

The standard laptops, probably as most of us know, are the mobile personal computers as well as come in the wide variety of the forms and sizes. They will sport displays of 10 – 20inches in diagonal, and they will weigh 2 – 18 pounds as well as bundle many hardware configurations or features. Ultrabooks are laptops, but not all the laptops are ultrabooks. Hence, there are some small differences, and you should be aware of what these are before deciding to buy one, which is a very important thing.


They are special kind of the laptops

By 15.6inch laptops are most famous these days in the classes, since they are very powerful to deal fine with your daily activities (chatting, browsing, listening to the music, watching films, playing games), however, light and portable to be carried over when required. Ultrabooks are the “special” breed of the laptops. In a lot of ways, they will look and behave more and less like the regular notebooks. However, they need to meet a set of criteria to get “ultrabook” title and criteria by Intel that in fact established the class of the computers some time ago.  These are quick and stylish, and you will enjoy every minute of it. You will love working with them. Also, these are available in lots of colors, and that makes it an attractive buy for one and all.



Ultrabooks and laptops –similarities

The ultrabook is the select kind of the laptop, and thus there are a lot of similarities between new ultraportable computers and “regular” notebooks. With some exceptions that are detailed later, ultrabooks and standard laptops share a lot of common traits, just like shape and form-factor, standard body elements (keyboard, screen, ports, and hardware) and overall functionality. Very much like laptops, the ultrabooks run Windows and all software compatible with Microsoft’s OS, from the basic browsers and Office programs to complex apps and games. Ultrabooks must not be considered as laptop competitors, however rather the laptop peers.  Ultrabooks are much thinner, powerful as well as longer lasting of ultrabooks. However, you may use them for same things as you would use the normal laptop.



There’re a lot of small details that will set both of these sides apart, and I would tell you about that in the next section of laptops and ultrabooks comparison, which speaks about differences between the two.


Design and looks

From the starters, the ultrabooks have a thing on the side while compared to vast majority of the laptops: they’re thinner and lighter. Let us take 13.3inch segment for example, where many ultrabooks weigh very less than 3pounds and are over 18mm thin, whereas regular portable laptops actually are thicker and tip scale at four pounds and above, with some exceptions among the premium business notebooks. Same thing will go for 14 to 15.6inch ultrabooks, as you may see.

There is nothing imposed in terms of the build quality and materials that are used for cases either. However most of the ultrabooks impress with looks and overall quality finishing. Actually, magnesium, carbon fiber, aluminum, glass or other materials are often found on the ultrabooks, whereas that is not common on the regular laptops until we are talking about higher-end options.