How to Create a Storyboard for a Music Video

How to Create a Storyboard for a Music Video

Whether you are working a feature movie, short movie, and music video, commercial otherwise a biography, storyboarding is frequently a primary step whereas setting up your shots. While not all filmmakers select to usage storyboards, numerous of them do since it helps them plan as well as theorize their shots. If storyboards are used properly and you’re acquainted with your sites, characters as well as props, then storyboarding is frequently more releasing than limiting.

The Academy Award winning movie “Amelie” was shot completely off a firm storyboard. The film makers determinedly scouted Paris for the finest locations, however once they were acquainted with their places they storyboarded their whole film.

The persons involved in this making claimed that shooting this attractive film was fairly easy, virtually mechanical meanwhile they knew each shot they were going toward get before they reached on set.

A storyboard is a device for drawing out how a video would unfold, shot by shot. It appearances like a funny strip.

Each square signifies a single shot. It displays who otherwise what is in the scene, what is being said, as well as any text otherwise graphics that seem on the screen. As you read over a storyboard, you must be capable to “see” the video playing in your head. You co take help from Boston Video Production.


How to Make a Storyboard

A storyboard does not have to be a decorative work of art. Here is how to make one:

Generate a Template

Draw a sequence of rectangles on a part of paper, as if you were generating a comic strip. Make certain you leave room for minutes or else lines of script underneath each rectangle.

You can furthermore download one of the numerous free storyboard patterns online, like this:

Improve the Script

Underneath every rectangle, write the line of script otherwise dialogue that agrees to that scene.


Plan out the story

Do not worry if you are not an artist – simple twig figures would do the trick. You could indicate program through an arrow. A ruthless drawing is improved than no sketch!

If you do not want toward draft the shots by hand, you could usage photographs otherwise images scratch from a periodical. There are even story boarding tools online wherever you can choice characters as well as settings, add speech foams and text blocks, as well as even record audio. Be cautioned, however – they are tons of fun, as well as you could waste a lot of time!

Add Notes

Lastly, add in any records around each scene. This might comprise a depiction of what’s occurring, camera angles otherwise movement, as well as any special effects. Do not forget around audio like music otherwise sound effects.

Lastly, do not be too careful around your storyboards. Take certain chances. Draw rapidly and messily if you feel enthused as well as need toward getting your thoughts down on paper. You could go back plus work on your storyboards. Have fun through your storyboards, they are the flawless tool for letting your fancy work.

A shot is a clip of video. It has a start as well as an end, however outside that it could be any period of time (so extended as it is unbroken) as well as comprise anything you like. Shots choice is the central sensitive tool of video storytelling, as well as there are numerous different types of shots you could make. How you create your shots is the foremost signal your audience toward feeling a definite way while they watch your movie.

A cut is the conclusion of a shot. Cuts are your vital storyline tool. The method a shot ends, as well as then how the subsequent one starts, is the foremost way that video says a story. Good cuts generate continuity as well as cohesiveness, plus keep the viewers engaged through the story. You choose while to make a cut twice: once while you are recording your unique video clip, as well as again in post-production while you trim down as well as edit your clasps together. Boston Video Production can help you in this regard

Creating good shots as well as cuts is firmer than this sounds! It’s particularly hard to do them fine without a plan.

Retain the storyboard simple thus it can be understood through anybody who views it, and be certain to share the finished product through everybody involved!