Best Laptops for College Life

Best Laptops for College Life

The market is full of laptop brands of all kinds. It can be confusing deciding what best fits your needs. However, each one of them is appropriate for a given group of people. A laptop for scientists may not be appropriate for students. Therefore, here is a guide to knowing the best laptops for college students.

Factors to consider: 


 a) Screen size: This depends on how comfortable your eyes are. If you are dealing with lots of visuals in your course, you will need a laptop with a larger screen for better display, such as a 17inch.

b) Processing speed: Look at the kind of programs you will be running on your device. Heavy ones like Photoshop need a laptop with fast processing speed such a duo core 4GHz.

c) Storage space: Consider how much content you will be saving on your hard drive. A 500GB drive will be great for any situation. You never know when your course will require more space. You can also buy external storage devices.

d) Operating system: Certain applications cannot run on Windows but Mac, for example,MacBooks. Be keen on that.

e) Battery life: A good laptop has a great battery life. This will prevent inconveniences.

f) Ports: Go for laptops with more than one port so that you can install other devices at a go. The other factors to look out for include portability, durability and image quality (resolution).

Laptop Brands for College Students:


1. Dell XPS 13:

Its high-quality display and processing speed makes it ideal for a college setup. With a 2.3GHz processing speed, be sure that some heavy programs such as AutoDesk 3DS Max can run on Dell XPS 13. The 4GB RAM ensures that commands are executed fast. The 13-inch size provides a good view of whatever you are doing, be it reading notes, making presentations or working on videos.  

2. Apple MacBook:

Apple never disappoints when it comes to its gadgets. It stands out from the rest of the manufacturers in a number of ways. For instance, its applications can only work on Apple laptops and not others. You can tell an apple laptop from a distance. Its trademark is a thing. Even the mouse is different from other brands. Its operating system is OSX and is perfect for creativity related courses. The 12-inch Apple MacBook is standard, but if you want a heavier model that can stand any task then the 13-inch and 15-inch should be your choice. Apple’s design is elegant.  

3. Microsoft Surface book:

The 13.5-inch screen offers a great display of content. 8GB RAM is fast enough making it ideal for design courses. The 128GB storage will ensure you have adequate space for your projects. Microsoft got it right by have an i5 intel core processor. The laptop is portable and takes up less space in your backpack. 

4. Asus C201:

If you are on a tight budget this is the best laptop for you. Just because it is more affordable than other makes does not make it any less of a good laptop for college. Its battery lasts for over 10 hours. It has a quad core processor making it faster than duo core processors. It comes with a chrome processor thus ideal for Internet-related tasks.  

5. Acer Chromebook 15:

It boasts of an attractive design, a 15-inch display, and 2GHz of processing speed. It has large speakers and 100GB of Google Drive space. It is great for those group discussions and pretentions.  

6. HP Stream 13:

It is sturdy, durable and performs the easiest tasks. It comes in several colors for customers to choose from. Its features such as 2GB RAM, 13-inch screen, and 32GB SSD makes it affordable for students. Be happy that it already has Office 365 installed, which can be costly if bought separately.  

7. ASUS X551 MA:

This is another affordable laptop on the list of best laptops for college students. Its 15.6-inch display is perfect for any task. The 4GB RAM and 500GB storage is enough. The processing speed and space makes it ideal for both simple tasks such as writing papers and some hard ones such as editing videos.  


Having a guide about the best laptops for college students helps you make better purchasing decisions. Whether you are a parent or student, among the seven models there must be one that best suits your needs. What you need to do is look at the complexity of your course, the tasks you will be assigned and how extensive your assignments and personal tasks will be. This way you are able to buy the right laptop for college.