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Here at, we are committed to giving you reliable and actionable tips that will give your laptop glamorous and functional look. A laptop is not a just functional device; it is a fashion statement. In fact, a great laptop should be a blend of the two. But a new laptop does not always come with all the functional and aesthetic appeals to match your taste. This is why we offer you this unique experience.

At we give you advice ranging from the best laptops for students – and reviews of the same. We go further and introduce you to Ultrabooks, yes, the new breed of portable computers to suit your needs. To make sure we cover as much of your needs as a student we give you vital study tips including how to excel in your LSAT and make preparations of Quant, Ethics and CFA level I examination among others. We also give you tips on how to make the best of your study materials for assured success in your studies. All these go a long way into adding the functional and aesthetic appeal of your cherished laptop.