The Best Laptops for College Students

The Best Laptops for College Students

These days, anybody who is studying at an education center will require a laptop. A laptop will give you a marvelous freedom that cannot be found if using a desktop computer. Laptops give you access to a keyboard, a desktop space, a mouse, and a monitor all in one device. Not only that, but they are light enough to carry around wherever you go. In today’s society, there are a range of laptops that have been designed specifically for those studying at education centers. They can do anything from typing up documents, right through to allowing their users to play all types of computer games.
If you are a student and are looking for a great laptop for your studies, then please read on to find out right laptop to get you through college that our best laptops for college students are. We can assure you our recommendations are very thorough and accurate. Each and every laptop has also been tested.  

1. The Dell XPS 13 Laptop.

This particular laptop is sure to please its user. Not only is it powerful, but it also works incredibly well. The Dell XPS providers students with a screen that is high in resolution. The processing power is amazing. This laptop could also be used as a fabulous Ultrabook. The graphics are very modern. Students can purchase the Dell XPS in Rose Gold which makes the laptop very shiny. The display is a good thirteen inches long, and comes with an eleven inch body. Not only that, but this laptop is very ideal for editing videos right through to any form of writing. This makes it suitable for just about anything.

2. The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Laptop.

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro laptop is the best laptop for any seventh generation user. It includes an amazing powerful S-Pen, a wonderful feel and appearance to it, and superb speakers. Other features that the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro provides are a great little touchscreen display with a good amount of brightness and a fantastic battery life. The battery life will last users a very reasonable amount of time, allowing them to make the most of it anywhere they like.

3. The Asus Chromebook Flip Laptop.

This fantastic flip laptop boasts a wonderful Chromebook Pixel that all students are sure to fall in love with. Less than one thousand dollars, it boasts a very high level of performance. In fact, it’s performance level is far greater than any Windows notebooks. The Asus provides students with a three hundred and sixty degree hinge. This hinge is very powerful. It allows its users to make the most of a Chromebook and MacBook Pro all in one place for a very affordable price.

4. The Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop.

The Microsoft Surface Pro laptop is a rare find that can only be found in the United Kingdom and Australia. It makes a super replacement to a regular laptop. The battery on this laptop lasts several hours without having to be plugged in. It’s keyboard is comfortable and easy to type on. The surface pen has been created from the package. The Surface Pro laptop comes with edges that are round and offers some spectacular accessories. It also comes with a Surface Studio that can bend as much as one hundred and sixty five degrees. It is well worth waiting around for this amazing find.

5. The Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Laptop.

This incredible laptop is one of a kind. It can only be found in the United Kingdom and the United States. We can assure readers that future users will fall in love with the light feel, and trendy keyboard very quickly. Users will be greatly impressed with the tremendous graphics. It is considerably cheaper than one thousand dollars. The Notebook 7-Spin comes with a Broadwell processor and a sub-1080p screen. It offers a sixth generation Intel Cor “i” CPU. A webcam is also available for students to use. The Samsung has always had positive feedback from those who have used this laptop before.

6. The AsusZenBook UX310UA Laptop.

The Asus ZenBook UX310UA is sure to blow your mind away. We are sure future users will be impressed with the very high resolution screen, and many ports it offers. It even comes with a USB-C interface that all students will require. Not only yet, but it is much more affordable than the MacBook Air laptop. The keys on the keyboard are excellent to use. The body is made completely out of aluminum. A great laptop for any student to take advantage of.

These are just a few of the best laptops for college students. We hope you have found these recommendations helpful in your search for a suitable laptop for your studies.